Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wouldn't you know it? More notorious Virginians

Yes, Virginia has its share of famous personages - Washington, Patrick Henry, James Madison, John Marshall, Woodrow Wilson, Robert E. Lee, Confederates galore, et al.

But as my stress- and work-macerated brain recovered, I forgot some obvious ones I'd known but forgotten.

Warren Beatty and Shirley Maclaine, that wacky brother-sister duo from Richmond (my favorite run-down post-bellum, Southern capital - insert snide look here)

George C. Scott, who was actually born and raised just a few miles from my current residence and who was the center of some hilarious stories - maybe I'll regale you with a few in a day or two.

Sam Houston - when I have to listen to a Texan blather on about how great the Lone Star State is, I helpfully remind him or her that it took a questionable Virginia land speculator to make it all possible.

Lewis AND Clark - Top that one, whydontcha?

Ella Fitzgerald - Is she live? Because she sure ain't Memorex.

Bill Bojangles Robinson - I got to see his statue several times a week while in grad school in Richmond

Roy Clark - can't remember if he was a pickin' or a grinnin'

Joseph Cotten - One of four good reasons to go watch "The Third Man" (Trevor Howard, Orson Welles and Anton Karas' musical score are the others)

John Tyler - his fate after a long-winded inaugural speech in lousy weather has been a blessing to Americans who've listened to Presidents in January since.

Arthur Ashe - The anti-Jimmy Connors, not to mention the anti-Ilie Nastase and anti-every other showboating male tennis player. God bless him.

Sharyn McCrumb, who pokes delicious fun at many of the characters inhabiting my end of the Commonwealth

Thought I was going to list Stonewall Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart and others, huh?


Blogger Carmenzta said...

My goodness, did I start this? Umm, How is the possum situation?

11:03 AM  
Blogger Frontier Editor said...

Don't worry Carmentza - sometimes I just have to get lists of one-off folks out of my head >:B^D

11:22 AM  
Blogger Frontier Editor said...

Oh, and th epossums - haven't seen one in weeks

11:23 AM  
Anonymous raincoaster said...

Oh dear, they've gained the power of invisibility! Watch your ankles!

12:40 AM  
Blogger Carmenzta said...

Yeah, that's not good news.

12:13 PM  
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