Friday, July 07, 2006

That was the week that was, even though it shouldn’t have been . . .

Okay, I’ve decided that the world has turned even more pear-shaped that normal this past week.


Ken Lay, that paragon of American business ethics and the reason that I’ll see my power bill climb at least 30 percent by the end of calendar year 2006, died this week after being found guilty of several felonies. One might think – especially former Enron stockholders and pension plan ‘beneficiaries’ – that his death was cosmic justice for tampering with American energy markets and driving thousands of people into financial ruin.
But the cosmos does have a warped and woofed sense of humor. Since Lay died before he was able to appeal his conviction, Texas law states that his conviction and indictment be vacated.
Ergo, Ken Lay was never charged with a crime, officially. Ponder that for a while.

Second, I don’t know what’s funnier about those wacky North Koreans – whether their success rate with intercontinental and theater ballistic missiles is worse than my childhood record with model rockets, or whether Shrub (thank you for that term, Molly Ivins!) really, REALLY believes that we could have taken out a successful North Korean missile launch with our own, robust, highly successful Strategic Missile Defense Initiative ‘system.” I use the word ‘system’ here very loosely.

Third . . . . hell, I don’t even want to contemplate a third. Aren’t one and two enough for a Friday night?

Go over to Raincoaster’s and watch the Charo clip or see her and me debate who’s the best Phantom pilot – Charles, Prince of Wales, or former congressman and current scumbag/federal inmate Randy Cunningham.

Either way, it's got to me more entertaining than watching me devolve into a poor facsimile of Lewis Black.


Anonymous raincoaster said...

Gay or straight, life just doesn't get any better than watching Charo and drinking on a Friday night.

And did you see the for the first fifteen minutes Drudge had the headline "Lay Commits Suicide"??? Inneresting.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Frontier Editor said...

If Lay's where he should be now, I hope they're cslling him "Frito."

3:30 AM  
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