Monday, March 20, 2006

While my keyboard gently does nothing . . . with apologies to George Harrison

Nothing like coming in to spend the night at the office after two days of meetings, a night and day of projectile regurgitation and a day of rice and Gatorade.

At least I have the perk of an office chair that probably should have been retired in 1980, given the type and color of upholstery.

I've also managed to write an editorial against state political demagoguery ( is there any other kind of editorial?), eat a bowl of leftovers without tumbling my gyros, sort through three days of mail and get a fair start on page layout for this week's editions.

It's also been brought to my attention that I, as an American, am jointly and severally to blame for allowing the group Toto to corrupt the British music scene in the late 1970's and 1980s. I accept that responsibility, but I'm not taking the blame for American Idol. Nope, nyet, nada, nein . . .


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